About Digistripe


Introducing Digistripe™ - the digital camouflage pattern that sets a new standard in concealment.

Combining large digital stripes with an extensively researched color palette, Digistripe™ provides superior camouflage to other leading digital patterns.


Digistripe™ utilizes a carefully designed “macro” pattern, coupled with finer digital edges to create a unique and effective pattern that allows users to blend seamlessly into their environment, at either close or long range. The color palette in Digistripe™ ensures that users are concealed in a wide range of environments, from deep forested areas to arid landscapes.

The colors used in Digistripe™ are designed to contrast from one another while still appearing natural in their respective environments. This ensures that the pattern does not appear flat and monochrome at distance like most other patterns, but rather, creates depth and texture that further enhances its concealment effectiveness.


The contrasting colors in Digistripe™ not only help to create depth and texture but also aid in preventing the pattern from appearing too light or too dark in either shadows or direct light. This is particularly important in woodland or jungle environments where lighting conditions will vary greatly.  

Often, traditional woodland patterns appear too dark in shadows, making it difficult for users to remain concealed outside of very specific environments. Digistripe™ overcomes these issues by incorporating contrasting light and dark colors in large digital stripes that work together to create a natural appearance, even in changing lighting conditions.




Digistripe™ is the next-generation camouflage pattern that provides superior concealment and protection in a variety of environments. With its unique macro digital stripes, and modern color palette, Digistripe™ sets a new standard for digital camouflage. 


Order your Digistripe™ today and experience the difference. 

Stay Hidden. Stay Ahead.